New Class Types and Levels

Yesterday I posted a live video explaining the new class types and levels that we are excited to bring to our community. If you missed it, make sure you are in our private facebook group where we share all news and changes first. You may have noticed the class names changing on our app already! These changes to our schedule take place in time for the Winter50, June 1st… you’re doing the challenge right?! 


We have added in a new “level” to separate the members who are brand new to Pilates and those who may still be at the fundamentals level physically but after many dozens of classes are very experienced and have a high Pilates IQ! We are also bringing back a new bigger and improved version of our Group Apparatus class called “Cardio Circuit”.
The new levels and explanation of each class type are below…


Aimed at the novice Pilates student, this class focuses on the core Pilates movements and aims to build a strong foundation of mind/body connection, good form and understanding of the pilates principles. More time is spent explaining and educating as well as building foundational strength. Improving your Pilates IQ is the fastest way to correct imbalances, gain balanced strength and improve your flexibility. Once you can control your body well, understand your limits and know how Pilates works best, you will see and feel the results happening so much faster!


This restorative class focuses on the healing aspect of Pilates. Restore motion and add length…not only to the spine, but in all of your joints and muscles. It is a great class for those new to Pilates as well because you get to become more familiar with the machine and movements without the risk of injury. You will also improve your mind body connection with is a crucial element to getting the most out of the entire method. Clients tightnesses and inflexibilities usually contribute to the difficulty of some exercises so unlocking the body through stretching is beneficial overall anyway.  Destress, relax, stretch, breathe and find some calm in your world. 

These classes are designed to restore mobility, strength and well-being for our Seniors clients. A mix between Reformer ONE and some Reformer “Feel Good” without any elements that put excessive strain on joints or are potentially less safe. These classes simply aim to make you move with more ease and feel younger!


Replacing what was our Reformer Fundamentals –>

Reformer ONE is a building block on top of our Basics class, although the level maybe similar, more variety of exercises and challenges to your coordination, strength, balance and endurance are added. These classes are typically well rounded to continue to balance your overall physical wellbeing and abilities. 50+ members who would would like a harder challenge can look to move into these classes. 



Replacing what was our Group Reformer –> 

These classes build on Reformer ONE by challenging your strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility and mind/body connection in every way possible! Suitable for most clients who are in relatively good health, have reasonable mobility, balance and a basic understanding of the Pilates principles. 



Replacing what was our Group Apparatus –>

Held in the other studio room. These circuit style classes have 5 “stations” utilising any of the equipment as a station including Mats, Reformers, Towers, Chairs, Jumpboards, Cadillac, Arcs, Ladder Barrel and more. There will be a maximum of 10 clients per class with 2 per station. Each station will consist of 4 movements and you will go through the whole circuit twice. Open to all clients with a good understanding of the Pilates principles, who like to sweat, have a chat and work hard! 



If you have any questions about your practice, these changes please reach out to us. You can always ask one of the instructors where they think you best fit in the class levels and where they think you should be focusing most on in your practice. Use us! We want to help you get the most from your sessions :>




–      Michael