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Apples and Oranges

You might of heard the saying “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”. When it comes to your health and wellbeing, you definitely want to be cautious and do your research beyond the cost, easier said than done right?

We are definitely not the only professionally run, quality Pilates studio in Perth, but there are some reasons our clients have told us why they chose The Pilates Klinik in the Northern suburbs of Perth that might resonate with you…


“ You guys have a lot of experience!” ~ Chris

Kristen and I have been operating Pilates studios since 2008 when we started our American business, Reforming Indy, which has been voted the best studio in the state of Indiana 11 years running. We moved to Australia in 2014 and opened The Pilates Klinik to serve the surrounding suburbs of Joondalup. Kristen has been practicing Pilates herself since 2001 and has over 10,000 hours teaching others the method. I’ve been a practicing remedial massage therapist for over 15 years and have done extensive training in other modalities of movement and human performance. We are both at the studio most days working with clients in a group or private setting.


“There aren’t a lot of gyms with a supervised creche” ~ Gemma

We have a creche for young children open for our morning classes that is supervised by one of our creche helpers. Our members with children love the creche ladies and the fact that we are a family friendly studio. Our own 3 daughters are 6, 5 & 3, Mia, Téa and Noa.


“I love the vibe of the studio, it just feels so welcoming and inviting” ~ Aimee

People are often surprised at how spacious and large our studio is. Our Reformers are spaced adequately, not cramped together, with high ceilings and quality acoustical panels, there is no harsh fluorescent light, just soft uplighting and warming chandeliers. Our equipment is top of line professional grade and we keep everything extremely clean.

Beyond all of that, we care about everyone who walks through the door. You’ll meet us, the owners working in the studio everyday along side our instructors and front desk staff who call it their home too. We created a supportive culture that is non judgemental or competitive.


“The membership is really flexible, it’s great how you guys don’t try to lock people in” ~ Helen

Our memberships are processed monthly which means, even though they are designed to give you 2 or 3 sessions a week, you don’t need to use them that way. Sometimes you have a busy week or a 48 hour bug go through the family, things happen, It’s really consistency over time that yields real results! So, with our memberships, you have 8 or 12 sessions to use anywhere within the monthly cycle that works for you.

We also have a bonus called the “life happens” pass. Every month each member has a built in free pass to allow for those unexpected things that life throws at us! As a member you can miss a reserved class and take another class anywhere within the period as a replacement. You can even swap the class you have reserved to another on the same day without penalty.

Our memberships don’t have lock in periods of 12, 6 or even 3 months. They can be cancelled at anytime with only 2 weeks written notice before the next pay cycle. They can even be suspended at no cost for up to 3 months. It couldn’t be any simpler! 


“They only run 45min classes, you get through so much more in an hour!” ~ Sharon

If you’ve taken Reformer Pilates classes you’ll know how much a good instructor can fit into a single class! Our classes run on the half hour with 2-3 minutes allowed for change over, it may not seem like a big difference but it really is, we can do so much more with essentially a full hour for each class.


“I like how many classes and types there are, i can always find something that fits” ~ Mark

We currently have 45 classes a week, with 5 different class levels and focuses. Starting at 6am and as late as 7pm, we accommodate for all!


“I like how everyone in class has been assessed or has some experience in the method” ~ Britt

When we started the The Pilates Klinik we sat down and thought about what kind of studio we wanted to be. We wanted to create family, we wanted to treat each new client like our sibling or parent. Apart of that is putting what is best for the client first. We highly encourage anyone who is new to the method to start with our pack of 2 one-on-one clinical pilates sessions where we introduce the person to the Pilates method and some of the common movements and exercises. This allows us to prepare the client for classes, recommend which ones are right for them and make them aware of anything specific about how they move and their bodies to improve the overall effectiveness of their practice going forward.

This also serves our current clients! Many studios allow new people to drop into classes on free trials taking a lot of the instructors time to help them find positions and stay safe. All of our instructors attention focused on helping everyone connect deeper and improve wherever they are in their practice.


“I like that I can take cheaper private sessions on top of my regular classes to improve the parts I’m struggling with” ~ Stacey

Pilates is not just another fitness class, it’s a whole body re-education, restoration and alignment method. Not everything will sort itself out at the same pace, because of this we allow our members to do private sessions for only $60 to work on any area they need help with. As things move, shift and change, occasionally you need to do some problem solving in a private setting. Many clients receive “Ah Ha!” moments that take their practice to a whole new level of understanding and progress.



The hardest part of trying something new is the first step, if you are considering Pilates for yourself or haven’t seen our studio please stop by and say Hi! We have myself and Carolyn and our studio manager, Robyn, at the front desk from 9am-12pm on weekdays or you can call Robyn on 0456788762, we’d love to help you on your health and wellbeing journey anyway we can.